Women of Late Night Literally Give Up Control of Their Bodies to Talk Alabama’s Abortion Law


The women of Late Night with Seth Meyers literally turned control of their bodies over to men to talk about Alabama’s ultra-restrictive abortion law Wednesday night.

“I no longer have control over my own body that’s what’s going on I want to talk about abortion. But I have to do it like this,” comedian and writer Amber Ruffin says at the top of the pointed sketch.

To make the point super-clear, a man is literally manipulating her body as she speaks.

Meyers then points out she doesn’t live in Alabama so the law does not apply to her.

“No, but this is where our country is headed. So we figured we may as well get some practice,” Ruffin replies.

She then talks about the law.

“Alabama’s new law makes it almost impossible for a woman to get an abortion. You can’t get one. You can’t get one. No one can get an abortion,” she said. “And Republicans designed the bill to be challenged in courts so that they can try to overturn Roe vs. Wade.”

Then a second woman, also being manipulated by a man, speaks out.

“If Alabama is going to force women to have babies, are they going to help them take care of them?” the second woman asks.

A third woman reduced to lying on the floor since her guy couldn’t be there to manipulate her then delivers the very serious punch line.

“It feels like you’re not even a person. Like you have been stripped of your humanity. That you are not valued by the men who were elected to serve you,” she laments before the sketch ends with a call to elect women.

Watch above, via  NBC

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