Howard Stern Says Trump Should Undergo Psychotherapy: ‘I Can Assure You He’s Been Traumatized’


Legendary radio shock jock and, more recently, family-friendly talent show judge Howard Stern has a new book out, “Howard Stern Comes Again”, and has been on the promo circuit. That included a big interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, portions of which were aired on Thursday.

In his book, Stern talks candidly about how therapy has helped and changed him over the years. Stern has talked about Donald Trump in interviews, telling Stephen Colbert, for example, that Trump was a “wild” interview because he is “completely unfiltered,” and even had tried hard for Stern’s endorsement.

With Cooper in a portion of the interview that aired on Thursday, he talked about how therapy which had helped him so much would benefit Trump greatly.

“You talk about trauma and you talked about it in relationship to President Trump,” began Cooper. “That Donald Trump is a person who experienced a lot of trauma early on.”

“Yes,” said Stern. “From what I know of Donald and his relationship with his father, it sounds traumatic. It sounds like the father was very domineering. The father expected a lot of him, and the father, I don’t know, there was military school. You know, you read these drips and drabs and you go wow. I can assure you he’s been traumatized because, you know, Donald, his level of narcissism is so strong. He has trouble with empathy. We know that. And I wish he would go into psychotherapy.”

“I would be so proud of him if he did,” Stern added. “And he would flourish.”

“But he never has. I mean, he never would,” prompted Cooper.

“There is no way,” Stern agreed. “I do not believe he has been in psychotherapy, because he is demonstrating a lot of the — a lot of the behaviors that I recognize.”

They talked about what it’s like to interview pre-presidential The Donald, which Stern did countless times on his show, and how flattery worked to loosen him up. Stern said he used to call him “Mr. Trump,” because it fed his ego and made him feel important.

Using “Mr. Trump” is something Sean Hannity used to do constantly before switching to Mr. President.

“Someone had asked me, so why do you call him Mr. Trump? I said, because it loosens him up. He feels respected. He feels good about himself. And now, he is going to roll. He is going to open up to me,” said Stern of the technique.

Cooper asked Stern if he thinks Trump is basically the same guy now that he was back then.

“Yes. I do. I think he’s the same exact person,” said Stern. “I think the only way you really change is to do analysis. So yes, I think he’s the same guy.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°.

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