‘The Media Loves to Make Stories’: Aaron Rodgers Blames the Press for His Standoff With Green Bay


Aaron Rodgers ended his standoff with the Green Bay Packers this week when he arrived for the first day of training camp. Despite the feud between the star quarterback and his NFL franchise being real, Rodgers blamed it all on the media.

“The media loves to make stories when there’s not enough content to put out there,” Rodgers told reporters during his first press conference at camp.

Rodgers had numerous opportunities to put those stories to rest by answering the question of whether or not he would be a member of the Packers this season. The three-time MVP refused to do so, fueling rumors that he wanted out of Green Bay.

“I realize there are times I could have said something,” Rodgers acknowledged. “But I firmly believe that there is wisdom in silence. And also, I love this city and this organization and I didn’t want to get into a pissing match with a team that’s employed me for 16 years and paid me a lot of money. I felt like handling things behind closed doors was the right way to do it.”

“There was some leaks for sure,” Rodgers added. “I can promise you I didn’t have a part in any of those, my representation has assured me of the same thing.”

Even if Rodgers and his agents were not the source of those leaks, a claim that has been disputed, his rift with the Packers was never just a media narrative.

After it was first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Rodgers didn’t want to return to Green Bay, the quarterback uncharacteristically skipped organized team activities and mandatory minicamp. When asked earlier this month if he’ll be playing for the Packers again, Rodgers simply replied, “I don’t know.”

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