Trust the Totalitarian Process? 76ers Eject Fans Supporting Hong Kong Protestors


The ongoing battle between the NBA and China appears to have taken a turn for the worse after fans attending a Philadelphia 76ers preseason match were apparently ejected after holding up signs in support of Hong Kong protests.

The protestors promoted their signs via Twitter:

According to Sports Illustrated’s report:

Sam Wachs and his wife reportedly had their signs confiscated at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. They then began to voice their support for protestors in Hong Kong and were ejected out of the arena.

“There’s no foul language, no politics,” Wachs told ABC 6. “I think it’s shameful, harsh reaction.”

Wachs and his wife were not arrested after being escorted out of the arena, according to ABC 6’s Christie Ileto. Their signs were not returned.

Video of that ejection can be seen captured and promoted on Twitter by

A very lucrative relationship between China and the NBA is now seemingly in danger of continuing after an international and politico-sports controversy revealed itself over the weekend.

At issue? A now-deleted tweet by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey that simply read  “Fight for Freedom Stand with Hong Kong.” A screenshot of the deleted tweet can be seen below.

The NBA enjoys a $4 Billion business arrangement with the totalitarian regime that is, by definition, not in support of free speech. The NBA is enormously popular in China, which canceled the broadcast of NBA exhibition games. Political experts believe that canceling the broadcast of the entire NBA season in China could lead to further protest of the totalitarian government.

If pro-Hong Kong protests continue to show up in various NBA arena, this story is likely to only go from bad to worse. And the ejection of fans simply protesting a totalitarian government certainly feels totalitarian itself.

Birds of a feather flock together.


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