Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Defends ‘Pro-Indian’ Movie Native American Actors Walked Out On

Now Sandler’s Ridiculous Six Is Reportedly Using Makeup to Make Actors Look Native American

Native American Explains Why He Walked Off Adam Sandler Set: ‘Was a Total Disgrace’

Video Captures Producer Telling ‘Overly Sensitive’ Native Americans to Leave Sandler Set

Native American Actress Tells MSNBC Why She Walked Off Adam Sandler Set

Native American Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Movie Set over ‘Racist’ Jokes

Adam Sandler Signs 4-Movie Deal with Streaming Company That ‘Rhymes with Wet Chicks’

Adam Sandler Explains Why He Will Never Host SNL

Adam Sandler Reveals to Kimmel How He Picks His Movie Projects

Adam Sandler Pays Hilarious Tribute To New Yorkers With “Sandy, Screw Ya!” Song At 12-12-12 Concert

Comedy Central Gets Back In The Sketch Game With Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time

Panel Nerds: Jimmy Fallon on NBC Mess: “I’m Just Happy To Have A Show”

And On The Fourth Day of Hanukkah, We Get “Kosher Face”

“Texts From Last Night” to Become a TV Show

Funny People, Favorite Products

Judd Apatow’s Almost-Time Cover

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