YouTube Ran Big Name Ads on Nazi and North Korean Propaganda Channels

Multiple Companies Pull Ads From Laura Ingraham’s Show After Host Mocked David Hogg (UPDATED)

More Russia-Linked Facebook Ads Have Been Released

Facebook Estimates ’10 Million People in the US’ Saw Russia-Linked Ads

Trump Campaign Accuses CNN of ‘Censorship’ in Rejecting Ad: ‘Epitomizes’ Fake News

Jenner-gate Part II: New Pepsi Ad Casting Call Seeks ‘Someone From the Inner-City’

Local TV Stations Join the Fight Against Buzzed Driving by Donating Ad Time to PSAs

Breitbart Cut Off from Ad Exchange Company Over Hate Speech Allegation

Has America Abandoned Diplomacy For The Offensive?

Just So You Know, Jill Stein Spends More on TV Ads Than Trump Does

New Super PAC Wants Trump to Release His Hand Measurements

Facebook Apologizes for Banning an Ad Featuring a Plus-Sized Model

Ted Cruz Releases Scripted Scene Depicting Clinton’s Staff Panicking Over How Great He Is

Say Adios to Dos Equis’ ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ Ads Forever

Iowa, New Hampshire Set to Air Very First Bernie Sanders Ad for $2 Million

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Didn’t Get Permission To Use Me in New Ad

Domino’s 50 Shades of Grey-Themed Ad Is 50 Shades of Nope Nope Nope

New Weed PSAs Mocks Maureen Dowd’s Inability to Consume Marijuana Responsibly

Labor Group Introduces ‘The Koch Sisters’ to America

Advertising Fail: Dailymotion Monetizes Terrorist Videos with Major Brands

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