Beyoncé’s Maternity Photographer Dabbles in Anti-Trump Work, Too, You Know

This Cloud Literally Rains Tequila

People Can’t Get Enough of This Statue of a Girl Staring Down Wall Street’s Charging Bull

There’s Now a Life-Size Statue of Kanye West as Jesus in Hollywood

Shia LaBeouf Screamed at White Supremacist Crashing His Anti-Trump Livestream

Shia LaBeouf Has Launched a 4 Year Long Anti-Trump Art Project

Student’s NSFW Art Project Features Donald Trump’s Sexist Words on Women’s Bodies

Election-Based Art Exhibit Offends Minority Students, Causing University To Shut It Down

You’ve Got to Watch This Guy Paint an Iconic Image While Singing the Anthem at a Hockey Game

Artist Calls For 100 Women to Join Him and Pose Nude at Republican Convention

Middle School Teacher Fired for Saying ‘Vagina’ During History Lesson on Erotic Art

What Offensive Plaque Did the Royals Hide From the Obamas During Their London Visit?

A Throne for a King: NYC Museum to Install Solid Gold Toilet

Photograph of Potato Sells for Over $1 Million

Man Sues Museum Over ‘Racist’ ‘Whitewashing’ of Jesus

Oakland Artist Killed While Painting Anti-Violence Mural

Meet The Russian Painter Who Paints Boobshell Putin Portraits

Meet the Artist Who Painted Trump Portrait with Menstrual Blood

Make Your Own Robert Rauschenberg with the Artist’s Rediscovered Pie Recipe

Unapproved Snowden Statue Replaced by Hologram Snowden in Brooklyn Park

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