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Big Bird

‘You’re Fired’: Trump Axes Big Bird in Kimmel Segment Mocking PBS Cuts

Michelle Obama and Big Bird Run Around a Grocery Store with Billy Eichner

Romney Adviser Battles With Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Over ‘Romnesia,’ Big Bird Attacks

Jon Stewart Ridicules Obama Campaign: ‘Let It Go’ With The Big Bird Stuff Already!

That’s Infotainment! Why Big Bird Gets Big Coverage

WSJ Editorial Hits Obama For Big Bird Jokes, Lack Of Any Real Deficit-Reducing Plan

Matt Lauer Scolds Robert Gibbs Over Big Bird Ad: Is This A Campaign With ‘Ideas And Solutions On Its Side?’

Chris Matthews And Panel Trash Obama Campaign’s Big Bird Ad

Sesame Street Asks Obama Campaign To Take Down Big Bird Ad

John McCain: Obama Campaign’s Big Bird Ad Shows ‘Paucity Of Ideas,’ Obama Can’t Run On Record

Feather Underground: ‘Evil Genius’ Big Bird Stars In Obama Campaign Ad

NBC News’ Peter Alexander Calls Obama’s Big Bird Ad ‘Absurd’ (UPDATED)

Jon Stewart Tears Into Conservative Outrage Over Funding Sesame Street’s ‘Propaganda,’ ‘Brainwashing’

Gibbs: Romney Is ‘Taking The Battle Straight To Sesame Street’ But Letting ‘Wall Street Run Hog Wild’

President Obama Touts 7.8% Unemployment, Romney ‘Rounding Up’ Big Bird In Campaign Speech

Stewart: ‘Deeply Divided Nation’ Has Agreed On Something – Obama’s Debate Performance Sucked

PBS Responds To Romney: Cutting Federal Funding Would Have ‘Virtually No Impact’ On Deficit

Romney To Lehrer: ‘I Love Big Bird’ But I Would Cut Federal Subsidies For PBS

Shep Smith Compares A Trump Endorsement To That Of ‘Shakira And Big Bird’

Mitt Romney Promises Not To ‘Kill’ Big Bird, But Demands He Play Advertisements

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