Ted Cruz Calls His Critics ‘Mentally Ill’ for Their Reaction to Him Attacking a Muppet


A United States Senator has been in the spotlight for attacking Sesame Street, and he tripled down on his podcast Thursday.

Yes, Ted Cruz repeatedly went after Big Bird for a recent special where the beloved children’s character explained to kids why they should get covid-19 vaccines. He called Big Bird’s tweet “government propaganda.”

On his podcast Verdict (starting at the three-minute mark above), Cruz called his critics “mentally ill” and said they “lost it” for how they reacted to him attacking a Muppet.

The senator said “it’s important to take on the Muppets that are destroying America” as his podcast co-host Michael Knowles laughed.

“And there are furry puppets being controlled,” Cruz continued, “by dark, ominous forces that are really a danger to our liberty.”

Cruz continued to lay out his opposition to vaccine mandates and explained his thought process into a tweet calling a giant yellow bird a government propagandist:

You know, it’s a tweet sent out directed at kids. Listen, on one level, it’s Big Bird. But… so I responded on my phone and I just said, “Government propaganda directed at your five-year-old.”

He proceeded to call his critics “mentally ill,” saying they’re less outraged by illegal immigration and the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal than Sesame Street.

Cruz said they were the ones who “lost it” over Sesame Street and said, “The entire corrupt corporate media is surrounding Big Bird, they’re protecting the big fella.”

He also reacted to a vaccination tweet from Oscar the Grouch by saying, “Would you really take vaccination advice from somebody who lives in a trash can? That’s just not a safe place to get needles.”

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