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Trump Son-in-Law Told Bridgegate Perpetrator He Thought It Was ‘Kind of Badass’

REPORT: Christie Lost Transition Leadership Because Trump ‘Disgusted’ With Him Over Bridgegate

Pence Replaces Christie as Head of Trump’s White House Transition Team

CNBC’s John Harwood: Christie Responsible For ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants But His Aides Just Convicted

Christie Aides Found Guilty in ‘Bridgegate’ Trial

Bridgegate Citizen’s Criminal Complaint Against Christie Can Proceed, Judge Says

‘I Will F*cking Destroy You!’: Christie Allegedly Blasted Official Who Called Him a ‘Fat F*ck’ in 2012

Christie Rebuts Former Aide: Not One ‘Scintilla of Evidence’ I Knew About Bridgegate Closures

Text Messages Show Aide Saying Chris Christie ‘Flat Out Lied’ About Bridgegate

Trump Will Help Dig Chris Christie Out From Mountain of Debt

‘I Don’t Have a Lot of Sympathy’: Christie Compares Carson’s Media Scrutiny to Bridgegate

‘You Have No Idea!’ Christie Gets Testy with Chuck Todd over Bridgegate

MSNBC Host Reports on Christie Announcement Using Only Horrible Driving Puns

Kirstie Alley Gets Dragged into Bridgegate Somehow

Bridgegate Finally Claims First Head: Christie Supporter to Plead Guilty

Christie No Longer BFF with Morning Joe? ‘There’s an Agenda’ at MSNBC

Feds Reportedly Find No Link Between Chris Christie and Bridgegate

Must Reads: How ISIS Got Rich, and How Christie Got a New Bridge Investigation

Christie: Bridgegate Will Be a ‘Footnote’ in My Career

Bridgegate or Benghazi: Can You Spot the Spin?

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