Camp David

Trump’s Message to Those in the Path of Hurricane Harvey: ‘Good Luck to Everybody’

Ed Schultz Blasts White House Press Corps For Focus On Skeet-Shooting ‘Shiny Object’

WaPo Fact-Checker Finds Source He Trusts More Than President Obama, His Own Eyes: Anonymous Fox News Source

WaPo Fact-Checker On Skeet-Shooting Photo: ‘Obama’ Still Might Be A Liar

WaPo Fact-Checker Demands Multiple Skeet-Shooting Photos To Clear President Obama Of Lying

CNN’s Erin Burnett Says President Obama May Be ‘Making Up’ Camp David Skeet-Shooting Pastime

New Republic Editor Tells Andrea Mitchell President Obama Is ‘A Gun Owner’ Who ‘Shoots Himself’

Shotgun Vetting: President Obama Reveals ‘We Do Skeet Shooting All The Time’ At Camp David

President Obama On Marine One Forced To Land While En Route To Camp David

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