Charlie Crist

Former GOP Governor: Republican Health Care Bill ‘Appalling and Unconscionable’

GOP Congressman Says Trump Is ‘Risking Single-Handedly Losing the Congress For Republicans’

TYT‘s Cenk Uygur Warns Dems: ‘Get Your Head Out of the Sand. She’s Losing.’

Florida Debate Audience Breaks Into Laughter After Candidate Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Honest’

No One Is Buying Report That Clinton Is Considering Charlie Crist for VP

Judge Shuts Down Emergency Motion by Crist to Keep Polls Open in FL County

Will Charlie Crist Be ‘Back on the Cross,’ and Other Matt Drudge Election Questions

‘Everybody’s Comfortable?’: Tapper Teases #Fangate at Top of CNN Debate

CNN: Charlie Crist Cannot Have His Small Fan at Our Debate

Chris Wallace: Charlie Crist Also Demanded a Fan on Fox News Sunday

Blitzer Grills Rick Scott: Why Was Crist’s Fan an Issue in the First Place?

The Florida GOP Is Really Trying to Make Charlie Crist’s Fan a Thing

Flashback: Charlie Crist’s Electric Fan Almost Made a Political Opponent Quit a Debate

Rick Scott Defends Debate Delay: Crist Was ‘Sweating and He Needed a Fan’

Here’s How Rick Scott Explained the Fan Incident During Last Night’s Debate

Rick Scott Refuses to Debate Charlie Crist Because of a Small Fan

Charlie Crist: I Couldn’t Stay with GOP ‘So Unfriendly’ to Black President

Colbert Accuses New Democrat Charlie Crist of ‘Playing the Race Card’

Matthews Asks Why GOP Response to Demographic Shift Is to ‘Screw the Minorities’

Florida GOP Demands Apology of Local NBC Affiliate After Being Called the ‘Reprehensive Party’

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