Cher Accuses ‘Chop Shop Doc’ Dr. Oz of Fraud, Goes After MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson


One day in the future, historians will look back at the 2016 election. All we can hope is that they find Cher‘s amazing Twitter account.

Today, reports have been trickling in from audience members who watched Donald Trump‘s pre-taped special with Dr. Oz. There have been whispers that he talked about his love for fast food and his high levels of testosterone. Some say he mentioned how much he loves to kiss Ivanka Trump.

Cher is no fan of Dr. Oz:

She accused him of fraud!

She wasn’t done there, though. She moved on to MSNBC’s rising star, Hallie Jackson:

Jackson spent her morning calling Trump out for reneging on some campaign promises:

Since Cher hates Trump (whose name she substitutes for the toilet emoji every time she has to type it), it’s a little strange to see her go after Jackson, but then again, her entire Twitter is just a rollercoaster ride of unexpected stances and outlandish statements.

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