Nancy Pelosi Wonders Which Republicans’ Families Are Using Birth Control

This Guy Reacting to Chris Christie’s ‘I’ve Used Birth Control’ Comment Is All of Us

Kirsten Powers: If WH Supports Giving Contraception, Why Not Do It Themselves?

Huckabee to Megyn Kelly: I Wasn’t ‘Disparaging Women,’ I Was Trashing ‘Phony War on Women’

Jeb Bush Scuttles 2016 Chances by Endorsing Obama as ‘Our President’

Dem Rep. Attacks Hobby Lobby for SCOTUS Case, Trying to ‘Impose a State Religion on Everybody’

Christopher: Sandra Fluke Crushes Conservative Who Equates Contraception to Alec Baldwin’s Anti-Gay Slurs

Anti-Choice Activist Completely Steamrolls Up with Steve Kornacki

Fox’s Steve Doocy Misleads About Obama Plan B Policy, Laura Ingraham Calls It ‘Good Deal For Pedophiles’

Chris Hayes Blasts President Obama Over Emergency Contraception Decision

Limbaugh On How Obama Campaign Views Women: ‘You Are A Vagina, You Use It Multiple Times A Day’

President Obama Says Mitt Romney ‘Was Severely Kidding,’ Has A Bad Case Of ‘Romnesia’

First Look: American Bridge SuperPAC Goes After Mitt Romney Hard On Women’s Rights

Mitt Romney’s Answer To Pay Equity: ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Lie And ‘Flexibility’ To Cook Dinner

Rachel Maddow Nails Politifact On Romney/Ryan Abortion Stance Without Trying

GOP Congressman Compares New Contraceptive Mandate To Pearl Harbor And 9/11

President Obama: Catholic Employers Denying Contraceptive Coverage ‘Not Fair’

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Accuses Republicans Of Being ‘Callous And Insensitive’ To Women

Morning Joe: Santorum Is A ‘Fighter’ Who ‘Can’t Stay On Message’

Morning Joe Clashes With Santorum After Asking About Contraception. ‘Gotcha’ Journalism Or Fair Question?

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