Crack Dealer’s Lawyer Tried to Use Trump’s Arguments on ‘Flipping’ in Open Court

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Every Pundit Poo-Pooed and Laughed at Me’ When I Said Trump Should Rewrite Travel Ban

Judge Recommends Charges Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Contempt of Court

The Judge Who Berated a Jail for Not Giving an Inmate Pants Just Went Viral Again

Is AZ Gov Trying to Gerrymander the 9th Circuit Because They Didn’t Rule His Way?

Meet the Judge Who Jailed a Domestic Abuse Victim For Not Testifying Against Her Abuser

Judge Joe Brown Compares Self to Nelson Mandela, MLK on His Way to Jail

Heartbreaking: Charleston Victims’ Families Confront Dylann Roof in Court

Good Grief! Charlie Brown’s Voice Actor Goes on Tirade Against Judge

German Court: Yes, the President Has Right to Call Neo-Nazis ‘Loonies’

‘Til Money Do You Part: Court Fines Georgia Man for Breaking Marriage Promise

Republican Senators Pressure More Liberal Court Of Appeals To Cancel Annual Summer Outing

Tommy Christopher: ‘Jesus Would Get Crucified In A Republican Primary’

Judge Napolitano: Obama’s DOJ Could Be Held In Contempt If They Don’t Comply With Appeals Court Judge

Current TV Announces Morning Block With Bill Press And Stephanie Miller

Sexual Assault Survivor Bravely Confronts Attacker In Court

Jared Laughner Found Not Competent For Trial After Courtroom Outburst

Florida Federal Judge Rules Entire Healthcare Law Unconstitutional

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