FBI Director Comey Says ‘There Is No Evidence’ Hillary Clinton Broke The Law

Colin Powell’s Office Apparently Said He Did Tell Hillary to Use Personal Email at Dinner Party

New Email Shows Colin Powell Told Hillary How to Avoid State Dept Servers With Private Email

Mark Halperin Calls FBI Director James Comey an ‘Arm of the Clinton Campaign’

Four More Things the Media Isn’t Telling You About The Clinton FBI Notes

FBI Report Proves That Hillary Clinton’s Personal Email Use Was Allowed, Just Like She Said

Hillary Clinton FBI Notes Didn’t Really Show 39 Times Hillary ‘Couldn’t Remember’

Hillary Didn’t Know What ‘C’ Meant in Her Emails; but Apparently, Neither Does Trump

Raddatz Grills Kaine on Clinton Emails: Don’t Americans ‘Deserve a Better Explanation’?

Labor Secretary: Clinton Has ‘Learned a Lot’ from Email Scandal

Trump Goes After NYT for Not ‘Properly’ Covering Clinton FBI Notes

Here’s the Super-Secret Reason There’s No Recording of Hillary Clinton’s FBI Interview

CNN’s Toobin: Clinton ‘Seems Like a Clueless Baby Boomer’ With Emails

Here’s All 40 Times Hillary Clinton Told the FBI She Couldn’t Remember Something

Chuck Todd: ‘Bothers Me as an American Citizen’ the FBI Didn’t Record Clinton Interview

FBI Report: Clinton Couldn’t Remember Briefings After Concussion

CNN’s Tapper: Why Can’t Clinton Just Hold Presser to Finally Address All Email Questions?

CNN’s Evan Perez: ‘Kind of Shocking’ That Clinton Wasn’t Aware of Protocol in One Email

Trump Campaign: Clinton FBI Notes Show Gross ‘Dishonesty’

The FBI Releases Documents from Hillary Clinton Investigation

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