Here’s the Super-Secret Reason There’s No Recording of Hillary Clinton’s FBI Interview


The recent release of FBI notes on their interview of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has caused quite a stir, and one aspect of that July 2 interview has caused quite a bit of consternation in certain media circles. Everyone from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to Chuck Todd to Tucker Carlson have pointed out that there was no recording or transcript made of that interview, and if you ask certain people, this is a function of Hillary Clinton‘s fame and power:

Those notes, previously released to Congress in a move that dominated another news cycle a few weeks ago, are making for another bad news cycle for Hillary Clinton, in no small part because of this very issue. As luck would have it, though, Mediaite has tapped its vast network of sources, turned over every rock, called in every favor, and discovered the super-secret reason there was no recording:

No, we don’t record our… ever.

Now, as understandable as it is for Fox News and MSNBC not to have that sweet access that we have to C-Span 3, or their own news archives, the FBI’s policy about recording interviews is also set forth in a memo that’s available on this other sweet reporting tool called the “internet,” and which says that no interviews are to be recorded without the authorization of a Special Agent in Charge, and sets forth the factors that should be considered in deciding whether to record.

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