Family Guy

WATCH: Family Guy Teaser Clip Shows Trump Making Sexualized Comment to Ivanka

Family Guy Assembles Weinstein, Cosby, Lauer, and Others in ‘Marvel’s The Offenders’

Family Guy Inserted Peter Griffin Into that 2005 Trump Tape

Seth MacFarlane Responds to Family Guy Jenner Jokes: ‘Live and Let Live’

Family Guy Has Known Caitlyn Jenner Is a Woman Since 2009

Actor James Woods Suggests Obama Hasn’t Done Enough to Debunk Muslim Rumors

Beck Rips Family Guy for Jesus Episode, Calls SNL a ‘Group of Pussies’

Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Episode Under Fire for Rape Joke

Fox Releases Preview of Family Guy/Simpsons Crossover Episode

The Saddest, Goofiest, Facepalmiest Hoaxes of 2013

He’s Back! Brian Griffin Returns to Family Guy

Brian’s Family Guy Future Just Got a Lot More Promising…

In Honor of Brian Griffin, Here Are Your Top 5 TV Deaths of All-Time

#BringBackBrian: Fans Launch Campaign to Resurrect Family Guy Character

Family Guy Killed Off a Very Major Character Last Night (Spoiler Alert)

Conservative Writer: Family Guy Programming Young People to Hate GOP

The War Room’s Michael Shure Dishes On Current TV, Tom Brokaw, And Dan Abrams

Internet Falls For ‘Family Guy Predicted Boston Bombings’ Hoax, Usual Suspects Latch On

Bill Maher Makes Family Guy Cameo Singing About ‘Canadian Nudie Bars’

Hammily, Guy: Seth MacFarlane’s Unfunny Oscar™ Turn Fatally Marred By Ugly Rape References

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