Seb Gorka Mauls Jeff Flake Over Anti-Trump Speech: ‘An Embarrassment to All That is Good and Wholesome’

Fox Business’ Trish Regan Slams GOP Tax Bill: Individuals ‘Carrying the Water’ for Corporations

Influential Investor Writes Racist Article: ‘Thank God White People Populated America, Not the Blacks’

John Podesta and Maria Bartiromo Epic Fight Over Russia Ties: ‘Get Your Facts Straight!’

Christie, Huckabee Relegated to Undercard Stage for FBN/WSJ Debate

Rapper Ja Rule Endorses Hillary Clinton

FBN’s Imus and McGuirk: Brian Williams Needs to Go

‘Yelling at People Is Kinda Boring’: Kennedy on Her New Show and the State of Cable News

CNBC to Stop Using Nielsen Numbers to Track Daytime Ratings

The Independents Bash Keith Ablow: Michelle Obama Weight Comments ‘Tacky’ and ‘Irresponsible’

‘You’re So Goddamn Dumb’: Fox’s Charlie Gasparino Shouts Down Colleague over MH17

Santorum Laughs Off Libertarian Critics During Heated Clash with The Independents

This Thoughtful FBN Segment on Racism Might Break the Record for Most N-Bombs Dropped on Cable News

FBN Hosts Call Out Conservative Columnist for Supporting Liberty on Guns but Not Weed

‘Mediaite in the Media’ Weekly Roundup

Finally! Todd Starnes Goes on a Fox Show That Doesn’t Let Him Get Away with Spewing Nonsense

Fox Hosts Rag On ‘Jerk’ O’Reilly: ‘Can You Imagine Spending A Weekend With That Guy?’ — ‘It’d Be Deadly’

Sarah Palin Pans Obama’s Debate Performance: ‘I Almost Felt Sorry’ For Him

Sarah Palin Dismisses Kerry’s DNC Joke About Her: ‘How Does He Even Know My Name?’

‘Trump Watch’ Day Two: MSNBC Still Talks The Most About Donald Trump

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