Seb Gorka Mauls Jeff Flake Over Anti-Trump Speech: ‘An Embarrassment to All That is Good and Wholesome’


Ever since Sebastian Gorka‘s tenure ended at the White House, he’s been busy making the rounds on various Fox News Channel and Fox Business Newtwork shows — offering loud hyperbole and sound bites to be played back on later shows.

Gorka joined fill-in host David Asman on Wednesday’s edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight and shared his thoughts on Senator Jeff Flake‘s recent criticism of how Donald Trump treats the media, where he compared the president to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. 

The former White House deputy advisor turned it up to eleven to deliver a scathing rant to Flake.

“It’s shameful. Senator flake is an embarrassment to congress, our great nation, and on behalf of my dead parents and all people like them who actually lived under Stalinist regimes, my father was arrested and tortured as a young anti communist.

In true Gorka fashion, he didn’t end there and doubled down on his distain for Flake.

“We demand an apology from this embarrassment of a politician!” Gorka exclaimed. “Remember, this is an individual who allegedly has an R after his name, who has spoken glowingly about Robert Mugabe, the dictator, as a pragmatist and likewise praised the dictatorship in Cuba. This man is an embarrassment to all good and wholesome.”

Asman made the point that Flake probably isn’t winning people over on either side with his latest speech. “I don’t know to whom he is speaking right now,” he said.

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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