gay rights

2020 Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Once Worked For Anti-LGBT Group, Railed Against ‘Homosexual Extremists’

Roy Moore Spox on Whether Moore Thinks Homosexual Conduct Should Be Illegal: ‘Probably’

Trump Reportedly Joked During Gay Rights Talk: Pence ‘Wants to Hang Them All!’

‘Probably’: Kasich Confronted Over Whether People Are Born Gay

Rand Paul Clarifies LGBT Discrimination Comments: No One Should Be Fired for Being Gay

Hillary Clinton Was Angry When State Department Started Using LGBT-Friendly Terms

Obama: Religious Liberty Doesn’t Mean You Get to Deny Others Their Rights

Bill Clinton Reportedly Talked About Hillary’s Gay Rights ‘Discomfort’ During Senate Race

Boy Scouts Officially Ends Ban on Gay Scout Leaders

Obama and Kenyan President Spar Over Gay Rights in Joint Speech

Boy Scouts Leadership Committee Votes Unanimously to End Ban on Gay Leaders

Fmr. Texas GOP Head: SCOTUS Can’t Make It OK for Men to ‘Penetrate’ Each Other

Ben Carson Dodges CNN’s LGBT Question: Can’t We Talk About Something ‘More Important?’

Ben Carson ‘Irritated’ that Gay Rights Gets Equated to Civil Rights

Glenn Beck Wants to Be the MLK of Opposing Marriage Equality

Patrick Stewart Defends Bakery That Refused to Make Pro-Gay Cake

Pat Robertson Raves About Rubio’s ‘Strong’ Anti-Gay Rights Rhetoric

Does Ted Cruz Really Think He Can Talk About a Gay ‘Jihad’ and Still be President?

Dan Savage Hits Tom Cotton for Comments on Gays: ‘Bigot Blender Brain’

Mike Huckabee: Gay Rights Activists ‘Won’t Stop Until There Are No More Churches’

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