Brian Kilmeade Likens Biden Impeachment Inquiry to a ‘Job Interview’ or ‘Audition’ — For a Job Biden Currently Has


While his co-hosts on Fox News’ Fox & Friends are waiting for evidence to surface in the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, Brian Kilmeade seems to be ready and rearing to go on getting the Biden White House to talk. On his radio show, The Brian Kilmeade Show, the Fox News host said that Biden testifying amounts to an “audition” or a “job interview” — even though he already booked the gig?

House Republicans have yet to produce evidence that Biden is connected to the business dealings of his son Hunter Biden, now or when he was vice president. But that hasn’t stopped the drumbeat by the far-right wing of the GOP, and some media personalities with allegiances there are using their platforms to keep it going. On his radio show on Wednesday, Kilmeade brought up many of the questions that have been asked by Republicans and Biden’s political opponents:

So now we have an impeachment inquiry going on, which I think is going to be an ongoing, more public investigation. And I find it hard to believe, and I’ve already see it changed other outlets, print and broadcast are not going to look and say, oh, this is bank records. Why does the president need a shell company? Why does the president need a pseudo-name [sic]? Why does he need to go on Air Force Two to meet with Carlos Slim in Mexico? Why was he seeing Hunter on international business deals in messages to other countries? Why did he show up at that restaurant where this business deal was going on? That’s what people will say before they vote. I hope. It’s an audition. This is a job interview. This should be part of the job interview.

Maybe he will be subpoenaed by the House, if they decide to actually do that.

Listen to the clip above via The Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio.

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