Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Reportedly Consulted With Chuck Schumer on Health Care Specifics

Jimmy Kimmel Thanks McCain for ‘Being a Hero’ After Statement on Graham-Cassidy Bill

Colbert Defends Kimmel’s Right to Talk Politics by Reminding Us of a Certain Reality TV Star

GOP Senator Shrugs Off Jimmy Kimmel’s Harsh Criticism of Him: ‘That Was a Funny Clip’

Kimmel Continues Health Care Fight: Haven’t Seen This Many People Against a Bill ‘Since Cosby’

Matt Lewis: I Wish Jimmy Kimmel Would Focus on Being Funny Instead of Giving Health Care Advice

Brian Kilmeade Responds to Jimmy Kimmel’s Dis: ‘I Hope Your Son Gets Better’

‘Phony Little Creep!’ Kimmel Threatens to ‘Pound’ Brian Kilmeade For Ripping His Health Care Monologue

Kimmel Responds to Trump: Will Sen. Bill Cassidy ‘Vote Against the Horrible Bill He Wrote?’

Trump Comes to Sen. Bill Cassidy’s Defense: ‘Class Act Who…Doesn’t Lie’

Chris Christie Slams Jimmy Kimmel Over Health Care Monologue: ‘He’s Not a Serious Person on This’

Remember When Late Night Talk Shows Were… Entertaining?

Sen. Bill Cassidy Responds to Jimmy Kimmel on CNN: ‘I’m Sorry He Does Not Understand’

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Kimmel’s Health Care Monologue: ‘Jimmy Kimmel, Not a Fan of Graham-Cassidy’

Jimmy Kimmel: GOP Senator ‘Lied Right To My Face’ About Healthcare Reform

Spicer Hits Scaramucci on Kimmel: He ‘Proved My Point’ That He Was Unfit For Comms Job

Sean Spicer Claims Journalists ‘Perpetuate Myths’; Jimmy KImmel: ‘How About The President?!?’

Van Jones: I’m ‘On the Left Side of Pluto’ But I’m Called Soft If I’m Not Always ‘Smashing on Republicans’

Kimmel Doesn’t Think Ted Cruz Watches Porn: He ‘Masturbates’ To ‘Poor People Without Health Care’

Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Hillary Clinton’s Children’s Book ‘Losie the Pooh’

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