#BlackTwitter Gives Politico’s Dylan Byers Hell For Melissa Harris-Perry ‘Intellectual’ Comments

CNN Breaks Front Page News on Melissa Harris-Perry Kierangate Controversy, Gets It Wrong

Scarborough Takes Shot at Palin While Praising Romney’s Reaction to Harris-Perry Apology

Alec Baldwin Mocks Melissa Harris-Perry Apology: ‘If I Cry, Will I Be Forgiven?’

‘Moving On’: Mitt Romney Accepts Melissa Harris-Perry’s ‘Heartfelt’ Apology

CNN’s Martin Savidge Asks Marc LaMont Hill and Conservative Guest Should Harris-Perry ‘Have Been Fired?’

Melissa Harris-Perry Breaks Down On-Air While Addressing Kieran Romney Controversy

Fox’s Howard Kurtz: Does MSNBC’s ‘Culture’ Encourage ‘Harsh Personal Attacks’?

Mitt Romney Expected to Address Harris-Perry Controversy During Fox News Sunday Appearance

Eric Bolling, Panelists Clash over MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: ‘Indecent and Classless’

Don Lemon: Melissa Harris-Perry Taught Us ‘Art of the Apology’

Melissa Harris-Perry Jokes About Mormons ‘Changing Their Minds About Black Folks Having Souls’

CNN Concocts Pressure to Fire MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Over Romney Grandson Segment

Alan Colmes Defends Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘Panel Was Mocking GOP, Not Romney’s Black Grandson’

Dean Obeidallah Posts Lengthy Apology to Romney Family ‘But Not the Wingnuts’

Keith Olbermann: ‘Any Adults in Charge’ at MSNBC?

Palin, Van Susteren Pile on MSNBC: How Can ‘Anyone Be This Mean to an Innocent Child?’

Melissa Harris-Perry Tweets Apology to Romney Family

Melissa Harris-Perry Guests from Romney Grandson Segment Offer Various ‘Apologies’ on Twitter

CNN’s Don Lemon Tears into ‘Smug,’ ‘Mean’ MSNBC over Romney Grandson Segment

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