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Luis Gutierrez

Dem Rep. Gutierrez Denies Reports He ‘Stormed Out’ of Trump SOTU: ‘Completely False’

Luis Gutierrez Calls Out Dem Colleagues Over Shutdown Deal: ‘They Caved, They Blinked’

Democratic Rep.: Wall Still ‘Idiotic,’ But Willing to Compromise on It to Protect DREAMers

Democratic Rep. to Rosenstein: ‘I’d Like to Ask You About Sexual Assault by the President’

Congressman Tears Up While Excoriating U.S. Response in Puerto Rico: ‘Disgraceful’

Dem Rep. Gutierrez Says He ‘Could Have Been More Careful’ in His Attack on John Kelly

Morning Joe Spends Second Day Railing on ‘Sad and Pathetic’ Dem Rep. Who Insulted John Kelly

John Kelly Blasts Congressman Who Called Him ‘Disgrace to the Uniform’: ‘Empty Barrels Make the Most Noise’

Lindsey Graham Goes Off on Dem Rep. Gutierrez for ‘Slandering’ John Kelly

Dem Rep. Goes After John Kelly Over DACA Decision: ‘A Disgrace to the Uniform He Used to Wear’

Democratic Rep. Goes Off on Trump: ‘I Know a Con Artist When I See One’

Erin Burnett: How Are McCaskill’s Lies About Russian Amb. Meetings Different Than Sessions?

Dem Rep.: I Can’t Go to Trump’s Inauguration Because of His ‘Hatred’

Dem Rep on Trump AG: If You’re Nostalgic For ‘Days When Blacks Kept Quiet,’ Sessions ‘Is Your Man’

A House Dem Ate Some Skittles During IRS Hearing to Talk About Refugees

#NBCSoWhite: Dem Rep. Rips NBC News Over Diversity After Harris-Perry Fallout

Dem Rep. Rips SNL: If Trump Attacked Gays the Way He Did Mexicans, Would They Let Him Host?

Ann Coulter Thinks Donald Trump Is GOP’s Best Bet, Maher Panel Erupts

Luis Gutierrez, Joy Reid Battle Ann Coulter on Maher in Epic Fight over Immigration

Anti-‘Amnesty’ Activists Shout Down Dem Rep. Gutiérrez with ‘USA!’ Chant During Spanish-Language Event

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