John Kelly Blasts Congressman Who Called Him ‘Disgrace to the Uniform’: ‘Empty Barrels Make the Most Noise’


We have not heard much from Gen. John Kelly ever since he became White House Chief of Staff, but Fox News received an email from him last night in response to a personal shot taken at him by a member of Congress.

Last week, you may remember that Democrat Luis Gutierrez, in slamming President Trump‘s decision on DACA, went after Kelly in particular and said the following:

General Kelly, when he was the head of Homeland Security, lied straight to the faces of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus about preventing the mass deportation of DREAMers. Now as Chief of Staff, this former general is executing the plan to take away their lifeline and taking steps to criminalize young people who live and work here legally. General Kelly is a hypocrite who is a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear. He has no honor and should be drummed out of the White House along with the white supremacists and those enabling the President’s actions by ‘just following orders.’

Gutierrez received a lot of criticism (Lindsey Graham said he was “slandering” Kelly), but Gutierrez is standing by his criticism. He told The Washington Examiner last week, “He’s a politician. He works for Donald Trump and now supports Donald Trump’s xenophobic, racist policies, and he’s carrying them out as his chief of staff. I’m not talking about him as a general; I’m talking about him as a politician.”

Fox News reports today that Kelly reacted to Gutierrez’s remarks thusly:

In an email to Fox News late Sunday, Kelly responded by saying Congress did “nothing” to help so-called Dreamers when they had the chance.

“As far as the congressman and other irresponsible members of congress are concerned, they have the luxury of saying what they want as they do nothing and have almost no responsibility,” Kelly said. “They can call people liars but it would be inappropriate for me to say the same thing back at them. As my blessed mother used to say ‘empty barrels make the most noise.’”

He concluded, “The congressman has a right to his opinion.”

Kelly also said in the letter, “Every DOJ and DHS lawyer says DACA is unconstitutional. Every other legal scholar – right and left – says the same thing. Trump didn’t end DACA, the law did. That said, I worked and succeeded to give the congress another six months to do something. I am not confident.”

A spokesman for Gutierrez told Fox News, “[S]o far we have seen no courage to fight for DREAMers from the President or his Chief of Staff.”

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