Politifact Dragged For Pondering the Definition of Murder: ‘Let’s Not BICKER and ARGUE About WHO Killed WHO’


Fact-checking website Politifact, which is operated by the Poynter institute, came under heavy and snarky fire this week after an article “fact-checking” whether using the word “murder” for the death of Michael Brown really matters.

The question arose after 2020 Democratic candidates began referring to it as a murder in Tweets and campaign statements. The tweet which asked the question set off a lot of mockery.

The Poynter Institute is a journalism research and education organization that is not new to friction with conservatives. Just a few months ago the org took fire over a “blacklist” of conservative media sites, which was created with help from the very partisan Southern Poverty Law Center. Politifact specifically has also faced that criticism of partisan bias.

In their defense of the Democratic candidates, those critiques naturally came up once more. For example, Wall Street Journal features editor James Taranto:

Also, from Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume.

Free Beacon’s David Rutz cut right to the chase, quoting directly from the article:

…But most of the replies and retweets were focused on the absurd framing in the tweet, as well as highlighting the perceived double standard.

But surely the most succinct and apt snarkastic tweet was from National Review’s Dan McLaughlin.

Nailed it.

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