New Poll: Majority of Alabama Republicans Think Roy Moore Allegations Are False

Trump Gets Low Marks on Accomplishments in New Poll

Trump Touts Recent Poll to Say His ‘Fake News’ Message Is ‘Finally Sinking Through’

Poll Shows More Have Positive Feeling About Trump Than Hillary, Despite Trump Hitting New Low

New Poll: Majority Thinks DREAMers Should be Allowed to Stay in the Country

Fox News Poll: 70 Percent Believe Trump Dislikes the Media More Than White Supremacists

Poll: Only 28 Percent of People Approve of Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

Trump Disapproval Rating Above 60 Percent in Three 2016 Swing States

Poll: 67% of Republicans Approve of Trump’s Handling of ‘Domestic Terrorism’ in Charlottesville

Half of Republicans Support Postponing 2020 Election Until Country Figures Out Voter Fraud

New CNN Poll: Three-Quarters of Americans Don’t Trust Most of What They Hear from Trump WH

Poll: Historic Numbers of Americans Now ‘Strongly Disapprove’ Of Trump Presidency

President Trump Criticizes Poll That Now Has His Approval Rating at 36 Percent

New Poll: Russians Choose Joseph Stalin as Greatest Historical Figure

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Against Ditching Paris Climate Accord

Most Americans Believe Trump Committed Felony by Hindering Russia Probe According to Poll

While Nobody Was Watching, Jon Ossoff Opened Up a Big Lead in Georgia

Poll: Only 29% of Americans Approve Comey’s Firing; 78% Want Independent Russian Investigation

Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Say Comey Firing Wasn’t Appropriate

New Polls Show Low Approval Numbers for Trump, But Almost No Regrets Among His Voters

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