Poll: Only 28 Percent of People Approve of Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

Trump Disapproval Rating Above 60 Percent in Three 2016 Swing States

Poll: 67% of Republicans Approve of Trump’s Handling of ‘Domestic Terrorism’ in Charlottesville

Half of Republicans Support Postponing 2020 Election Until Country Figures Out Voter Fraud

New CNN Poll: Three-Quarters of Americans Don’t Trust Most of What They Hear from Trump WH

Poll: Historic Numbers of Americans Now ‘Strongly Disapprove’ Of Trump Presidency

President Trump Criticizes Poll That Now Has His Approval Rating at 36 Percent

New Poll: Russians Choose Joseph Stalin as Greatest Historical Figure

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Against Ditching Paris Climate Accord

Most Americans Believe Trump Committed Felony by Hindering Russia Probe According to Poll

While Nobody Was Watching, Jon Ossoff Opened Up a Big Lead in Georgia

Poll: Only 29% of Americans Approve Comey’s Firing; 78% Want Independent Russian Investigation

Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Say Comey Firing Wasn’t Appropriate

New Polls Show Low Approval Numbers for Trump, But Almost No Regrets Among His Voters

POLL: Who Should Replace Bill O’Reilly on Fox News?

Poll: Will Jon Ossoff Win the Georgia Special Election Tomorrow?

New Poll: Americans Divided Over Trump Syria Strike

POLL: Will Fox News Fire Bill O’Reilly?

Politico Buries Own Poll Results Finding Americans Support Gorsuch Nomination

New Poll: 61% of Americans Want to See Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

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