Rebekah Brooks

One Murdoch Editor Convicted, One Acquitted in UK Phone Hacking Scandal

Tony Blair Advised Murdoch Editor at Height of Phone Hacking Scandal

Former News Corp Executive Rebekah Brooks To Be Charged With Perverting Justice

Jon Stewart Skewers Fox News For Belittling ‘Epic’ Murdoch Scandal

Dan Abrams: Hard-Hitting Wall Street Journal Editorial ‘Not Very Smart’ For Murdoch

Police Search Computer, Papers And Phone Found Near Rebekah Brooks’ Home

London Police Chief Resigns Over News Of The World Scandal

Howard Kurtz: Not Covering Murdoch Controversy Exposes Fox News’ ‘Double Standard’

Rebekah Brooks Arrested By London Police Investigating Phone Hacking Allegations

Bill Maher: ‘What’s The Difference Between Rupert Murdoch And Larry Flynt?’

Colbert On News Corp. Scandal Coverage: ‘Fox News Motto Is We Don’t Touch It, You Decide’

Rebekah Brooks Finally Resigns From News Corp. Over Hacking Scandal

James And Rupert Murdoch Decline To Testify About Phone Hacking Scandal [UPDATE]

Carl Bernstein Compares Murdoch Hackings To Watergate, News Corp To ‘Mafia Outfit’

George Michael To Be Interviewed By Police About His Rebekah Brooks Tweets

Isn’t That Ironic: Staffer Secretly Records Rebekah Brooks Addressing NOTW Personnel

British PM David Cameron: ‘Illegal and Utterly Unacceptable Practices Taking Place At News of the World

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Was Shutting Down News Of The World A Way To ‘Destroy The Evidence’

George Michael Celebrates News Of The World Demise

Pressure Mounts for Murdoch As British Politicians React To News of the World Phone Hacking, Sunday Closing

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