Scott Pelley

‘Come On!’ Fox’s Trish Regan Rips Scott Pelley for Suggesting Scalise Shooting Was ‘Self-Inflicted’

‘Goodbye and Good Luck’: Scott Pelley Signs Off For Last Time as CBS Evening News Anchor

Watch Scott Pelley’s Powerful Essay: ‘Violence Almost Always Begins With Words’

Scott Pelley Is Out as Anchor of CBS Evening News

James Comey in 2014: FBI Needs to be ‘Independent’ From ‘Political Forces in the Executive Branch’

‘It Was Fair’ Mike Cernovich Pronounces 60 Minutes Interview ‘Good Journalism’

Watch the Tense 60 Minutes Showdown Between Scott Pelley and Mike Cernovich

AP’s David Bauder Hypes Scott Pelley’s ‘Blunt’ Jabs at President Trump

CBS’ Scott Pelley: Trump’s Real Troubles Today Weren’t With the Media, ‘But With the Facts’

CBS’ Scott Pelley: ‘Today We Learned the Length of the President’s Fuse’

CBS’ Scott Pelley: ‘It Has Been a Busy Day for Presidential Statements Divorced from Reality’

CBS Actually Interrupted Programming For ‘Special Report’ With Scott Pelley to Announce Mary Tyler Moore Death

Paul Ryan on Past Clashes With Trump: ‘That’s Behind Us, We’re Way Beyond That’

CBS Evening News Shines a Spotlight on Anti-LGBT Attacks After Orlando

CBS’ Pelley Asks Hillary ‘Have You Always Told the Truth?’

Trump: I’m Not Thin-Skinned, I’m Fighting False Stories and Liars

CBS’ Pelley Grills Trump: What Does Letting Anti-Muslim Bigotry Slide ‘Tell Us About You’?

John Kerry Admits It’s ‘Very Likely’ Chinese and Russians Are Reading His Emails

Brian Williams Deserves Second Chance, But NBC Doing Him No Favors on PR Front

‘Silence Is the End of Freedom’: CBS’ Pelley Gives Strong Defense of Charlie Hebdo

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