Security Yells at Reporters to Clear Out of Room After They Ask Trump About Wiretaps and Flynn


Since President Donald Trump took to Twitter this past weekend to offer up unproven claims that his predecessor had wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower prior to the election, his public appearances have been noticeably sparse. For the most part, he’s only been seen giving prepared remarks in scheduled meetings with lawmakers or business leaders, with the press not given the opportunity to ask him questions.

Today offered up another such instance, when the media was briefly allowed into the president’s meeting with House Republicans, where he spoke from a script for a couple of minutes, highlighting that he supported the House GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill while railing against the Affordable Care Act.

Well, it appears that one correspondent attempted to get answers from Trump on his wiretap assertion:

It also appears that another reporter tried to get Trump to answer if he knew former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn acting as a foreign agent during the campaign and transition. (The White House has said Trump did not know.)

This led to Trump’s personal security to loudly clear out the room:

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been peppered with these questions during this week’d daily press briefings, and is sure to get more today.

UPDATE 4:40 PM ET: It appears the personal security person who loudly pushed the reporters out of the room was Keith Schiller, who was previously Trump private security chief.

Watch video of Trump’s meeting today above, via CNN.

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