CNN Media Analyst Astounded by Sean Hannity’s Texts with Paul Manafort: Like a ‘Propaganda Operative’


CNN media analyst Bill Carter appeared astounded by Sean Hannity’s recently revealed texts with former Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, saying the Fox host appeared like a “propaganda operative.”

“Hannity has been known to be known as a partisan commentator, but here he’s like a propaganda operative because he’s connecting with someone very much in the mix of the story,” Carter told CNN’s Ana Cabrera Saturday evening.

Recently unsealed court documents show that Hannity exchanged hundreds of messages with Manafort, often discussing his then-ongoing prosecution by the Department of Justice and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Cabrera described the messages as “stunning.”

“Any news organization would not want their journalists to be involved in this and he has distanced himself from being a journalist … this seems another step to me,” Carter said. “He’s actually involving himself in a story with a witness trying to get the witness to not cooperate with the special counsel.”

Carter should know, however, that Hannity, nor Fox News, do not consider him to be a journalist.

Watch above, via CNN

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