Did Trump Just Leak Maria Bartiromo’s New Contract Details During Fox Business Interview?


President Donald Trump thanked Fox News and Business anchor Maria Bartiromo for her reporting on the impeachment trials and congratulated her for securing “another six years” at the network, during an interview at Davos on Wednesday.

On the topic of impeachment in the Senate, President Trump declared, “Nothing was done wrong. I think you know that better than anybody,” before adding, “I want to thank you, because you have been so incredible in this issue, and I want to thank you.”

“I know it’s not appropriate to thank you, you’re a great journalist and you’re a great reporter,” he continued. “Congratulations on six more years, they did a fantastic…I don’t care what they pay you, they made a good deal!”

“We’ve been seeking truth and that’s what…” replied Bartiromo, prompting President Trump to proclaim, “No, you have been so fantastic.”

“Because people know that I’ve been honest about this,” she continued.

“I appreciate it,” President Trump declared again, before Bartiromo swiftly moved onto the China deal.

As reported by CNN anchor and chief media correspondent Brian Stelter, “Bartiromo’s first Fox contract was six years long,” but it has not been publicly revealed how long her new contract is.

“She recently renewed, but Fox didn’t comment on the terms,” he noted.

Watch above via Fox Business.

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