Fox News’ Juan Williams Responds to Trump Tweet: ‘I Didn’t Ask for the Picture!’


Fox News’ Juan Williams responded today to President Donald Trump blasting him on Twitter and to reporters over the weekend.

After Williams criticized the effect of Trump’s unpredictability on the economy on Fox News Sunday, Trump fired off a tweet calling him “pathetic” and claiming “he asked me to take a picture of him and me for his family.”

Williams today appeared on The Guy Benson Show with colleague Guy Benson, who criticized the president’s tweet as both of them also acknowledged it’s pretty rote for Trump at this point.

Williams defended his criticisms of Trump and noted that his comments Sunday were not a “personal attack on the president.”

With respect to the supposed picture Trump claimed he asked for, Williams detailed his encounter with then-candidate Donald Trump at the Fox News building.

Apparently, the maintenance man in the lobby asked Williams if he could get a picture with Trump. Williams said he asked Trump, Trump agreed, and they took the picture:

“And then the maintenance man says ‘do you want a picture?’ I’m, like, ‘okay.’ And here comes Ed Henry. That’s what happened. There’s nothing about a request for my family, and I didn’t ask for a picture for myself. This all started because the maintenance man asked… I didn’t ask for the picture!”

Benson added, and Williams agreed, that there would’ve been nothing wrong if he had.

Williams and Benson also discussed Trump’s additional comments yesterday expressing his displeasure with Fox News and their polls. You can watch above, via Fox News Radio.

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