Here We Go Again: Trump Blasts Fox News for Interviewing ‘Losers’ Like Eric Swalwell


Its been three years but has President Donald Trump filled the vacuum created by Roger Ailes’ departure from Fox News? It depends upon who you ask. But if one were to ask Trump himself, he’d likely agree, though probably off the record.

Trump is not just an avid viewer of Fox News, he is also a former contributor and a constant promoter of opinion programming favorable to his administration. He is also an occasional critic, take for instance his Thursday morning missive that asked why 11 PM host Shannon Bream featured an interview with Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell Wednesday evening.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s admission that he “doesn’t even know how it is possible” that a Fox News news program would interview a Democratic member of Congress only gives credence to the notion that he only sees Fox News as a White House organ of information, and as such, is doing Fox News news programs zero favors.

Swalwell’s appearance on Bream’s show featured predictable criticism of the Trump Administration, especially in light of the ongoing impeachment inquiry and the bombshell testimony of Gordon Sondland’s bombshell testimony before the House Intel Committee hearing Wednesday. Or in other words, Shannon Bream was hosting a news show that … reported on the news? NOT COOL! thinks Trump.

Perhaps Trump felt he had the wherewithal to criticize Fox News given his tune-in promotional tweet for Fox News primetime programming shortly after Sondland wrapped testimony:

Fox News almost certainly hates hearing the derisive term “state-run tv” often used by their harshest critics. But Trump’s communications like those featured in this post only underline that notion and undermine what critics see as a lack of editorial autonomy. Someone at Fox News ought to tell Trump to cool it on the Fox News tweets, as they aren’t doing Fox News any favors.



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