MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Says Georgia Election Chaos an ‘Ominous Warning’ That Trump is Trying to ‘Undermine Our Elections’


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes believes that the election chaos seen in Georgia could foreshadow similar issues nationwide in November — and he believes it’s part of an attempt from President Donald Trump and his allies to “undermine” the election.

During the opening segment of Tuesday’s All In, Hayes chronicled the problems at polling places across Georgia — where voters waited in hours-long lines to cast their ballots.

“You don’t know if this is just negligence or if this is deliberate,” one voter told Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA — in an interview played by Hayes. “You don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s just really bad all around.”

Hayes said that Georgia is “well known for voter suppression” — citing Stacey Abrams‘ 2018 gubernatorial defeat in an election that she called “rotten and rigged.” Hayes also cited comments in Politico from LaTosha Brown — co-founder of Black Voters Matter — who said that it took her three hours to vote in Atlanta, but that she drove to a predominantly white polling place in the suburbs and found no line.

As Hayes sees it, Georgia’s problems on Tuesday are a harbinger of things to come — thanks to efforts by Trump and his team.

“In the polls, in the public imagination, in public opinion, in just about every way, the president and his allies are losing,” Hayes said. “And so they’re attempting, really, to undermine our elections. Faith in them, the administration of them. And if that fails, watch for them to just deem them illegitimate. The president is already starting to make those noises.”

Hayes went on to call the Georgia election an “ominous warning.”

“What we saw is pretty close to the worst nightmare for citizens who want to vote, who believe in electing our representatives, for election law experts who study this, for people who study the resilience of democracy, for grassroots voting groups, for all of them,” he said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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