MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Calls Out Trump Comparing Chicago to Afghanistan: If It’s ‘Such a Terrible Place,’ Why is He There?


NBC News and MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin aired a compilation of clips showing President Donald Trump criticizing and insulting Chicago while the president gave a speech in the city, Monday, with Melvin asking, “If Chicago is such a terrible place… why is the president there today?”

“MSNBC’s Hans Nichols is also there in Chicago. Hans, I know you’re going to have to speak in hushed tones there because you’re inside the room, but I do want to remind our viewers and listeners on Sirius satellite radio just some of what the president has said in the past about the city of Chicago. Take a listen,” declared Melvin, before the compilation played.

One clip showed President Trump saying, “The city of Chicago. What the Hell is going on in Chicago? There are those that say that Afghanistan is safer than Chicago, okay? What is going on? You know what’s wrong with Chicago? Weak, ineffective politicians.”

In another, the president proclaimed, “And you look at what’s going on in Chicago. What the Hell is going on in Chicago? What the Hell is happening there?”

A final clip showed President Trump stating, “The crime spree is a terrible blight on that city.”

In response to these clips, Melvin asked, “If Chicago is such a terrible place, Hans, why is the president there today?”

“Well, he’s here officially to drive a message and talk about the root causes of crime. He’ll be signing an executive order on that, but I think we just got his answer, and his answer is he wants to drive the message on what he did with Baghdadi,” explained NBC correspondent Hans Nichols. “What the United States military did. And I think we’re seeing, Craig, a subtle shift and we’re going to see the president probably try to advance this story every day and have a new narrative come out every day. His line today seems to be that Obama should have gotten Baghdadi and that’s new. And It’s going to be interesting to see to what extent the president tries to keep the Baghdadi raid, the Baghdadi killing in the news.”

“Earlier before we left here, he suggested that he would be releasing video. Well, now he’s blaming Obama for not getting him. So we’re going to see to what extent the president stays on the Baghdadi message here in the next couple days,” Nichols concluded. “Of course, he’s in Chicago, but he could be talking to anyone in the country because he is talking to local police chiefs that represent all across the country and the message he wants to drive is a law and order message.”

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