Nancy Pelosi Details Explosive ‘Melt Down’ Meeting with Trump, Explains ‘All Roads Lead to Putin’ Comment


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi detailed more of what led to President Donald Trump’s alleged “melt down” at a meeting on military strategy.

At a press conference Thursday, Pelosi said Trump was angered by her asking about why he was sending troops to Saudi Arabia and her noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin benefits from the move to pull out troops from the Syrian border–which resulted in Turkey invading.

“I also pointed out to the president I had concerns that all roads seemed to lead to Putin. The Russians have been trying to get a hold in the Middle East unsuccessfully and now the president has given them an opportunity with the Kurds reaching out to them for support in Syria,” Pelosi said.

“Then the president said, ‘Well, the reason I’m taking the troops out of Syria is because I promised in the campaign to bring the troops home.’ My question to him was ‘is Saudi Arabia home? Is Saudi Arabia home? Why are our troops going to Saudi Arabia if you promised to bring them home?’ He said, ‘well the Saudi Arabians are paying for it.'”

“Really? We’re putting our troops in harms way for Saudi Arabia because they’re paying?” Pelosi asked reporters rhetorically.

“It just didn’t add up,” she continued, saying that her questions resulted in Trump melting down.

“What it did do is cause a melt down on the part of the president because he was unhappy with those questions. And it was unfortunate because we were invited to the meeting. The president started off the meeting by saying ‘I don’t know who asked for this meeting, I didn’t.’ And we’re like, well, let’s proceed anyway.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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