New Poll Reveals Staggering Difference in How Fox, CNN and MSNBC Viewers Grade Trump’s Coronavirus Response


A new poll shows that viewers of Fox News have a very different perspective on how President Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus outbreak than those who watch CNN and MSNBC.

According to a survey from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, Trump’s approval rating among Fox News viewers stands at 69 percent. That number towers over the president’s recent approval on the crisis from the overall electorate. FiveThirtyEight, using an aggregate of recent surveys, puts Trump at 46.5 percent among all voters. And the NBC News/WSJ poll finds 44 percent of respondents overall approve of Trump’s handling of the crisis.

But the difference is even more staggering when you compare Fox News watchers to those who follow CNN and MSNBC. Among CNN and MSNBC viewers, Trump’s handling of the pandemic gets a passing grade from only 26 percent.

Several other metrics in the NBC/WSJ survey further indicate the divide between those who watch Fox and those who tune into CNN or MSNBC. When asked if they trust the president’s information on the virus, 59 percent of Fox viewers said yes, compared to just 19 percent of CNN and MSNBC viewers. And 52 percent of Fox viewers believe Trump took the virus seriously from the beginning, as opposed to only 18 percent of CNN and MSNBC watchers.

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