Gallup: Trump Only President in Poll’s History to Never Win Support From Majority of Americans


President Trump speaks at his first rally after Barr's summary of the Mueller report.

Donald Trump is the first president to fail to win over the support of a majority of Americans during his term, according to an analysis of Gallup polls by the New York Times.

While Trump’s low polling numbers come after George W. Bush failed to earn a majority of support in his second term and Barack Obama failed to earn a majority in the last three years of his presidency, they still mark a record low for presidential approval ratings.

The Times report, which was written by the paper’s chief White House correspondent Peter Baker, noted that the majority of Americans haven’t backed Trump for even a day of his presidency, while his approval rating has fluctuated between 35 to 45 percent.

The Trump campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, argued that this trend does not prove that the president is not trying to win over Americans outside of his base.

“The idea that we’re strictly preaching to the converted is not true,” Murtaugh said.

“We look at the 2016 map and we intend to win where the president won the last time and we also think that we can expand the map and attract new voters and new supporters in states across the country,” he added. “There are two main differences this time between 2016 and 2020 — the first being that he’s now the incumbent president and the second is that he has a clear record of accomplishment that he can run on.”

Murtaugh also noted the Trump campaign is focused on “new” or “low-propensity” voters.

“They don’t vote year in and year out,” he explained. “President Trump is not a typical politician by any means so a lot of these states that we talk about, they are not necessarily Republican states, they are Trump states.”

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