S.E. Cupp Rips Kellyanne Conway: ‘Crying Sexism’ is Her Go-To Move

CNN’s S.E. Cupp slammed Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway on Saturday, saying Conway cries “sexism any time she feels slighted or cornered.”

Cupp started off by saying President Donald Trump “often saves the most visual and visceral insults for females,” referring to the press conference where Trump insulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She then played a clip of Trump saying this about Pelosi: “I’ve been watching her for a period of time. It was all crazy, the movement, the moving of the hand and the crazy. That’s a person who has problems.”

Cupp went on to note that Conway had snarked about Pelosi’s attitude towards her as a woman, claiming the Speaker treats her “as she might treat her maid or pilots or make-up artists or wardrobe consultants.”

“And yet Conway stood by as Trump launched smears against Nancy Pelosi,” Cupp stressed, pointing out that Conway did nothing when Trump slammed a woman despite feeling slighted by Pelosi’s attitude towards her.

A little while later, Cupp circled back on her remarks about Conway.

Speaking with CNN contributor Mary Katherine Ham, Cupp said about Conway: “I’ve noted on this show and elsewhere that crying sexism any time she feels slighted or cornered, it’s a go-to move of her.”

“It’s so stupid for lack of a better word, but I’m also old enough to remember when conservatives used to hate exactly this sort of thing,” Cupp said.

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