comScore Trump Accuses CNN and MSNBC of Hyping Up 'Caronavirus'

Trump Baselessly Accuses CNN and MSNBC of Hyping Up ‘Caronavirus’ to Tank the Economy (Also Misspells Coronavirus)


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

President Donald Trump blasted cable news outlets Wednesday morning, claiming that MSNBC and CNN are “doing everything” to make the coronavirus “look as bad as possible,” and as result, are panicking the markets. The aggressive tweet seemed to counter a recent warning by the CDC and also included a rather embarrassing typo that misspelled the looming pandemic as “Caronavirus.” (Cue Hail to the Chief.)

Trump tweeted:

Trump followed the first by announcing an early evening news conference scheduled for 6 PM EST time, which will undoubtedly be void of conflict, hyperbole and half-truths.

CNN and MSNBC have covered the coronavirus rather extensively the past few days, but not materially less than Fox News.

According to television transcript database TV Eyes, CNN has mentioned “coronavirus” 185 times since the start of the week, while Fox News has mentioned the term 182 times. Curiously, MSNBC has mentioned the term a relatively paltry 135 times.

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