Trump Tells Fox & Friends He’ll Claim Victory Only When There’s Victory: ‘No Reason to Play Games’


President Donald Trump insisted he will only proclaim his reelection victory “when there is victory.”

During Trump’s Election Day interview with Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade asked for his reaction to Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon warning that “under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared a victor on election night.” The Biden campaign is warning people that the complications surrounding the 2020 election will require a longer period of time than usual before the results are finalized, but Kilmeade said he was “kind of shocked” by O’Malley.

“How do you take that statement?” Kilmeade asked.

“I agree with you. That was a very weird quote,” the president responded. He went on by grumbling that the Supreme Court is allowing for “extra time” and “chaos” in the election, which led to Kilmeade asking “it doesn’t intimidate you?”

Trump’s response:

No. I think I have gotten to a point we don’t get too intimidated. I have no idea who she is. She has something to do with his campaign, I guess. No. It was a strange quote. It was not a smart quote either.

From there, Steve Doocy brought up the reports saying Trump will declare victory early if the Election Day numbers look favorable to him, so he asked the president “at what point will you declare victory?”

His response:

When there is victory. If there is victory, I think we will have victory. I think the polls are, you know, suppression polls. And I think we will have victory. But only when there is victory. You know, there is no reason to play games. And I think we will have victory. You know, I look at it as being a very, you know, a very solid chance at winning.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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