WATCH: A Shaking Devin Nunes Refuses to Answer, Then Records Reporter Asking Him About Ukraine Connections


A noticeably shaky Rep. Devin Nunes was confronted by reporters from The Intercept at a fundraiser in New York, where he responded by taking photos of the journalists on his phone.

Video taken by the Intercept shows Lee Fang attempting to ask Nunes about his contacts with both Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani – two people key to President Donald Trump’s apparent efforts to pressure Ukraine for personal political benefit. Call records obtained by House Democrats indicate Nunes was in contact with both Parnas and Giuliani throughout the Ukraine efforts that have resulted in potential impeachment for Trump.

Nunes is even seen recording Fang and his cameraperson with a visibly shaking hand before walking away without answering.

“After The Intercept approached Nunes about his contacts with Parnas and whether he was involved with the effort to pressure the Ukrainian government, the California lawmaker sped off, walking through the Palace Hotel to the hotel’s lounge. Moments later, he returned with a cell phone, pointed at this reporter. He remained quiet while asked again about his calls. Nunes then conferred with a U.S. Capitol Police officer stationed at the event, who had The Intercept removed from the hotel.”

According to Nunes’ Twitter feed, he was taking pictures of the reporters (and taking shots at CNN):

UPDATE: Fang later responded to Nunes’ tweet, asking audiences to watch video about his encounter with the congressman.

Watch above, via The Intercept.

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