A Cheese-Bearing Reince Priebus Tries Convincing Arianna Huffington To Rejoin GOP

RNC chair Reince Priebus stopped by Morning Joe on Wednesday, where he arrived bearing Wisconsin cheese and a word of advice for fellow guest Arianna Huffington: come back to the Republican party. There’s cheese!

Panelist Mark Halperin had asked, over the noticeable crinkling of cheese packaging, Priebus whether the American people should know what sort of deductions or loopholes the Romney/Ryan plan would aim to either eliminate or scale back. Priebus didn’t seem to concerned, basically telling Halperin that all this information would come out in due time.

The talk very quickly turned back to the cheese (it was a big hit, apparently, especially with Mika), with Huffington asking Priebus whether he could bring cheese to the folks at Huffington Post Live as well. The chairman then reminisced about the first time he’d met Huffington in college, eventually telling her that “we want you coming back on the Republican side, though.”

Host Joe Scarborough followed up by saying that Huffington has moved around on the political scale and is now “boom,” in the middle. We thought Brzezinski’s reaction to that was fairly priceless:

The panel then discussed why Afghanistan isn’t a bigger issue in this campaign, with Preibus opining that we’re in a “hyperbolic” stage in the summer news cycle.

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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