Alan Dershowitz Clashes With Dan Abrams Over Mueller Probe: ‘Collusion is Not Criminal’


Alan Dershowitz clashed with ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams on This Week Sunday morning over Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into the Donald Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

Dershowitz, a lawyer and Harvard Law professor emeritus, said that while he expects Mueller’s report to be “devastating,” he doesn’t think it will make a criminal case “because collusion is not criminal.”

Dershowitz said he expects Mueller will lay out the facts, and leave Congress to decide if there is an impeachable offense.

“Alan is taking the position that the president effectively can’t obstruct justice,” Abrams said.

“He can if he does what Nixon did, destroy evidence, tamper with witnesses, pay hush money,” Dershowitz replied. “He can’t be convicted of obstruction of justice by exercising merely his constitutional authority to fire.”

“You can’t tamper with witnesses by issuing public tweets,” Dershowitz said, adding the same applied to pardons.

“Where in the law does it say it has to be public?” Abrams asked. He argued Mueller is more likely to “put the pieces together” than to focus on individual actions from the president.

“Together, I think even you would have to agree at some point, that there is a line which can be crossed,” Abrams said to Dershowitz.

“But it wasn’t crossed,” Dershowitz said.

“How do you know it hasn’t been crossed?” Abrams fired back.

Watch above, via ABC.

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