Alisyn Camerota Battles CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp Over ‘Divisive’ Wayne LaPierre Speech

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota ruthlessly grilled CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp over Wayne LaPierre’s fiery speech at the conference, asking him to defend the NRA chief’s “divisive” remarks.

After playing a portion of LaPierre’s speech, Camerota asked Schlapp: “Matt do you believe that? Do you believe the people calling for expanded background checks ‘hate freedom and want to take away all individual freedom?'”

Schlapp defended the Parkland, Florida victims and their families, saying their hearts are in the right place in trying to address gun violence.

“I think it’s time to listen more…and work together” Schlapp said, to which Camerota retorted “why is Wayne LaPierre stoking that division?”

“I think he’s defending the Second Amendment,” Schlapp said.

Camerota continued to hold Schlapp’s feet to the fire over LaPierre’s comment that people calling for gun control “hate freedom,” as the CPAC organizer defended the right to bear arms.

The back and forth even included a moment in which Schlapp accused Camerota of “blaming Indianians for the crime in Chicago.”

Camerota moved on from that comment, again bringing her grilling back to Schlapp’s decision to invite LaPierre to CPAC, given his controversial remarks. Schlapp eventually espoused his desire for expanding background checks, but never addressed LaPierre’s rhetoric head on.

“I’m responsible for the words that come out of my mouth,” Schlapp said.

After Camerota demanded Schlapp answer for LaPierre’s words, he responded “let me use my words,” before speaking at length on the “lurch towards violence” that America seems to be experiencing.

Watch above, via CNN.

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