Anderson Cooper Chokes Up Recounting Story of Child Rescued From Rubble in Haitian Earthquake

With pretty much his entire program this evening dedicated to discussing President Donald Trump’s “shithole” comments about Haiti and other countries, CNN’s Anderson Cooper ended his show by delivering a monologue in which he defended Haitians.

“I want to take a moment to talk about Haiti, a place that the president referred to as a shithole country,” Cooper said. “I was taught math in high school by a Haitian. He returned to Haiti and was assassinated.”

The CNN anchor went on to point out that he spent roughly a month covering Haiti in 2010 in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated the nation and killed hundreds of thousands of people. He then had trouble holding back his emotions as he recounted a story of Haitian people rescuing a young child.

“Guided only by the cries of the wounded and dying, they had no heavy equipment,” he stated. “They just had their God-given strength and determination and courage.”

He then choked up as he tried to continue, “I was there when a 5-year-old boy was rescued after being buried for more than seven days. Do you know what strength it takes to survive on rainwater in concrete — a 5-year-old boy buried for seven days?”

Cooper concluded — his voice quivering — by stating that Haitians have a “dignity” that the president and many in the White House could learn from.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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