Anderson Cooper’s CNN Staff Thinks He Smells Really Bad

Anderson Cooper is used to going into uncontrollable giggle fits during his “Ridiculist” segment, but typically they are not at his own expense. This time, Cooper’s staff decided to prank him by making the segment all about a particularly odorous candle the anchor has burning in his office.

“Really, this is what the ‘Ridiculist’ is about tonight?” Cooper asked in disbelief as video of his office appeared on screen. “I should have read it ahead of time.”

“This is completely news to me,” Cooper said, arguing that he only started lighting the candle because somebody told him that he “smelled” or “my jeans smelled, because I don’t watch them.” He also complained about the “obscene amount of money” he spent on the basil-scented candle.

But according to his co-workers, here are a few things the scent reminds them of:

Watch video below, via CNN:

[Photo via screengrab]

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