Andrew Napolitano: It Would Be ‘Catastrophic Politically’ if Trump Pleads Fifth to Mueller


Judge Andrew Napolitano doesn’t think President Donald Trump will or should plead the 5th in the Russia probe.

Speaking with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo Monday, Judge Nap weighed in on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani‘s assertion Sunday that in order for Trump to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller, there is no be a clear “basis for the investigation.”

“It is inconceivable that the prosecutor would show his cards to politicians before he has played the cards,” Napolitano explained. “The prosecutors and the police and the FBI have every right to keep that stuff to themselves until they indict or exonerate. As for Rudy, in my view this is a very sophisticated way for him to say, ‘The president’s not sitting down with you.'”

“U.S. Attorney Giuliani, when you went after Fat Tony Salerno did you show him the evidence you had against him before you charged him? Of course not!” he quipped.

“He knows come heaven or high water that Bob Mueller is not going show his cards to him, what he has on the president before he interrogates the president,” the judge continued. “The downside to this is, they’ll slap a subpoena on the president and bring him before a grand jury and Rudy won’t be there to whisper in his ear.”

When asked if Trump could plead the fifth, Napolitano said that he could, and that it would be “prophylactic legally, but it would be catastrophic politically.”

“The only time you can’t plead the fifth, Michael Cohen, is if you’re pardoned,” he said. “Because then you have no jeopardy whatsoever. But could President Trump plead the fifth? Yes. Would he do so? knowing his personality, I can’t imagine that.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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